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All websites of Geetoo CZ s.r.o. use cookies. By using this website and confirming your agreement with this policy, you are giving Geetoo CZ s.r.o. permission to use cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy.

Cookies are files that web servers send to web browsers and which are then stored in browsers.

The information is then sent back to the server whenever the browser requests a page from the server. In this way, the Web server can detect and monitor specific Web browsers.

There are two basic divisions of cookies: valid for the duration of the session and persistent:

  • Session-valid cookies are deleted from your computer as soon as you close your browser.
  • Persistent cookies remain stored on your computer until they are deleted or expire.

Geetoo CZ s.r.o cookies.

The company Geetoo CZ s.r.o. uses cookies on this website for the following reasons:

  • to collect user data through Google Analytics
  • to make content available appropriately on Facebook,
  • to show recommendations to users who have previously visited the site
  • to make the client-side “AddThis” JavaScript available for sharing, which ensures that the user sees the current number of shares when sharing the page.
  • to identify the user when logging in (anonymous users will not receive these cookies),
  • to keep the user’s list of items for comparison in the next session,

The company Geetoo CZ s.r.o. also uses AdWords conversion tracking and retargeting. These are third-party cookies with a shelf life of 90 days or 2 years.

Google cookies

The company Geetoo CZ s.r.o. uses Google Analytics to analyze the use of this website. Google Analytics generates static and other information about your use of the website. To do this, it uses cookies stored on users’ computers. The data generated about our website is used to generate reports on the use of the website. Google’s cookie features are, in short, as follows:

  • determination of the domain to be evaluated,
  • distinction of unique users,
  • remembering the number and time of previous visits,
  • memorizing information about the source of communication,
  • determining the beginning and end of the session,
  • remembering the values ​​of custom variables at the visitor level.

Google will keep this information stored for 30 minutes to 2 years, depending on the type of cookie. You can find the Google Privacy Policy at

Rejection of cookies

Most browsers allow you to decline cookies.

  • In Internet Explorer, you can reject all cookies by clicking Tools> Internet Options> Privacy and setting the level to “Highest” using the available slider.
  • In Firefox, you can adjust your cookie settings by clicking Tools> Options> Privacy.
  • In Safari, you can adjust your cookie settings by clicking Preferences> Privacy.
  • You can adjust your cookie settings in Chrome by clicking Settings> Privacy.

Blocking all cookies will have a negative impact on the use of some websites.

You can change your mind here:

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More information

If you are interested in further information about the principles of Geetoo CZ s.r.o. on the protection of personal data and types of stored information, or if you are interested in deleting all information we have about you, you can contact us here using the contact form on Homepage.