The Cloud Busters VMware and Geetoo together show that “cloud” is not a dirty word and that mastering the cloud can help with the development of any business. The ability to innovate and adapt to market demands is one of the foundations of business today – and one way to do that very quickly is by using clouds. The American corporation and the rising Czech star joined forces nine years ago and since then have helped develop the IT environment of many businesses, such as the Kooperativa insurance company.

The companies of the Geetoo Group have been working in IT since 2004. At first, the company was providing dedicated servers, which eventually morphed into cloud services, which it has been offering for eight years.

Geetoo is the only Czech recipient of the modern application development award from VMWare, the American software corporation. It provides IaaS and PaaS services as well as hybrid solutions, in which it’s the Czech market leader.

Geetoo puts a face on its services and tries to be a true ally to its customers who helps move their business forward.

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